“We couldn’t reinvent the wheel, so we thought we’d have a go at the box!”

The box brand was developed to support our device charging needs. With a best in class Lithium Polymer battery, small form factor and intelligent charge circuit box Portable Smartphone (3000mAh) or Portable Tablet chargers (6000mAh) will keep your device juiced up no matter how far you are from a wall socket. Available in black, blush pink and pin grey.

NEW for 2015, box Charge Hub creates a home within your home for all your device charging needs. Tired of having to find an empty wall socket to charge your device? Not any more – the Charge Hub allows you to charge 5 devices simultaneously from a single socket. With 8A of total power (that means 3 tablets + 1 smartphone) all the sockets are intelligent, providing your device with the power it needs to safely charge. Oh, nearly forgot – we’ve also included the EU and US plug adapters to make Charge Hub your ideal travel charger!!

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